Dogs is the captain of the S.S. Diana, a KIMRA supply ship, and the second main character of the game. He's a gruff, weathered, and snarky man who usually back-talks or criticizes the other main character, Eliot G. Ballade, throughout the game.

It is later revealed that he is the father of security member Janine King.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Dogs has eight weapons he can use throughout the game. He starts with a Super Bow Manta-Ray Bowgun, and can later use a Super Bazooka, a Rail Gun, and a Gatling Gun.

In addition to ranged weapons, Dogs can equip a Jumbo Club, as well as different T-Shirts that allow him to perform other melee attacks, such as a Karate T-Shirt, a Sumo T-Shirt, and a Wrestling T-Shirt.

Unlike Eliot, he can't equip both a short-ranged and long-ranged weapon.

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Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Dogs worked on Dinosaur Island as the captain of a supply ship and was well-known throughout the island. Janine comments about his fame and infamy, referring to a debt he has to Rat's Bar.

He was married to Jean King, Janine's mother. Jean was a shooting instructor for ESER, explaining why Janine's talented with a sniper rifle. He divorced her in 1998, although Dogs can't recall why other than that she was hard-headed.

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